Table of Contents

Sand Bag

Prologue: In which Super Patriot Boy yearns for context

Chapter 1: In which the worm turns for Gibson and Flapman, while Super gets bolder

Chapter 2: In which a plot is implied and the behavioral characteristics of Vienna sausages are pondered

Chapter 3: In which the lessons of history are unlearned by those who are doomed

Chapter 4: In which we develop tender feelings for intellectual property rights

Chapter 5: In which…did someone say “penis”? Because I definitely heard someone say “penis”

Chapter 6: In which we bow at the altar of the Macguffin, and lo, it is revealed

Chapter 7: In which we revel in the 7 habits of highly effective sociopaths

Chapter 8: In which a well-endowed mutant slays murderous bohemian tots by the score. There’s no joke here. This is an accurate description.